Leaked Lenovo Thinkbook Plus image shows a second screen next to the keyboard

Reliable tech gadget leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) on Sunday posted an image to Twitter that showed a 17-inch Lenovo ThinkBook Plus with a second screen to the right of the keyboard. The screen looks like it is being used to draw or write on a color image on the laptop’s main screen, and appears that the computer would include a full keyboard and a large trackpad along with an extra-wide display. The image also shows what looks like a pen or drawing stylus, giving further credence to the idea that it’s meant for drawing.

There weren’t any further details about the image, which Blass posted as part of a thread of other leaked images.

Lenovo announced its ThinkBook Plus Gen 2 at CES in January, which had a 12-inch E-ink panel on its lid. The company debuted the first ThinkBook Plus at CES 2020, also with the E-ink display built into its lid. So does this mean Lenovo is abandoning the lid panel in favor of one built in next to the keyboard? Possibly.

It’s not clear where the latest ThinkBook Plus images came from, but it seems likely this could be an item that Lenovo is preparing to show off at CES 2022, which begins on January 5th, although a holiday launch is also possible.

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